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No lack of spots

Monsters distributed on maps and with super secret spots!

Hunt Season

Awards for the 5 best HuntPoints.

War in Castle

Exclusive Mucastle inter guild event.

Anti-lag System

disable visual effects of the game to make it more optimized.

Valued items

Drop valued and without selling items on the site.

Progressive difficulty

Dynamic EXP suited to the player level

Party with extra experience

Join a party with 5 players and receive extra EXP!


[SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE] 07/19/21 - 20:00 GMT -3




Good afternoon, today at 20:00 (GMT-3)  we will make a scheduled maintenance on our servers lasting between 5 and 10 minutes..

During the maintenance the servers will be offline.

Patch notes

1. Release levels 951+ 
2. Reduced respawn distance for mobs in Nix and Ferea
3. Fixed a bug in Boss God of Darkness' ice/poison resistance
4. Removed elite monsters from Kubera
5. Minor internal improvements and updates
6. Preparation for future updates

Posted :  19 / 07 / 2021  By :  admin

Currently this is only one server.