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No lack of spots

Monsters distributed on maps and with super secret spots!

Hunt Season

Awards for the 5 best HuntPoints.

War in Castle

Exclusive Mucastle inter guild event.

Anti-lag System

disable visual effects of the game to make it more optimized.

Valued items

Drop valued and without selling items on the site.

Progressive difficulty

Dynamic EXP suited to the player level

Party with extra experience

Join a party with 5 players and receive extra EXP!






It is with great satisfaction that we have completed the first month of server, containing more than 1200 active players, to celebrate this date, we will be with an unprecedented event during the entire day of July 18.

Castle Invasion:

The event will take place in Elbeland, 10 "Deep Dungeon Gorgon" mobs will be spawn per invasion on all servers.

Time: Every two hours, starting at 00:00 today.

Item drop: x1

Drop Itens:
XP itens

Talisman of Ascension I   12h
Talisman of Ascension II   12h
Talisman of Ascension III   12h
Robot Knight Ring   12h
Skeleton Transformation Ring   12h
Pet Skeleton   12h
Brown Panda Ring   12h
Pink Panda Ring   12h
Dark Transformation Ring   12h

Bless of LIght x10 Low
Bless of Light x10 medium
Bless of Light x10 Greater

Wing's Craft
Magic Complete Lock [Bound]
Magic Complete Condor [Bound]
Garuda Feather  (Rare)
Garuda Flame (Rare)
Condor Feather  
Condor Flame    
Golden Sentence x25

Ruud Box 500-1000
Ruud Box 1500
Ruud Box 2000
Ruud Box 3000


Ruud Box 10000   (Rare)
Talisman of Ascencion I 3-5 dias   (Rare)
Talisman of Ascencion II 3-5 dias   (Rare)
Talisman of Ascencion III 3-5 dias   (Rare)
Dark Transformation Ring 3-5 dias   (Rare)
Skeleton Transformation Ring 3-5 dias   (Rare)
Robot Knight Ring 3-5 dias   (Rare)
Brow Panda 3-5 dias   (Rare)
Pink Panda 3-5 dias   (Rare)

Posted :  18 / 07 / 2021  By :  admin

Currently this is only one server.