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No lack of spots

Monsters distributed on maps and with super secret spots!

Hunt Season

Awards for the 5 best HuntPoints.

War in Castle

Exclusive Mucastle inter guild event.

Anti-lag System

disable visual effects of the game to make it more optimized.

Valued items

Drop valued and without selling items on the site.

Progressive difficulty

Dynamic EXP suited to the player level

Party with extra experience

Join a party with 5 players and receive extra EXP!



Miracle Event

I present you this event "Miracle Event"

The event will take place in Devias, and the times you can follow on the home page of the site under the tab "Events"

In each invasion the number of 20 Monster will appear on the map

Each monster killed will earn 70 GoblinPoints and a random chance to drop Miracle Coin or Jewels

The event will last for 5 minutes, at the end a message will appear with the end of the event and the remaining monster will disappear.


Posted :   17 / 05 / 2021

Currently this is only one server.