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Hunt Season

Awards for the 5 best HuntPoints.

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Hunting Points

Hunting Points is a system that starts to be played from level 700, and when reaching the level the player gains Hunt status.
Hunt points can be obtained in two ways, killing mobs on specific maps or in the battle /huntbattle arena.
Hunt's maps are: (Remembering that on these maps the /offattack command is not active)

Aida 1 and 2
Kanturo 1, 2 and 3
Kanturo Relics

The second way to get Hunt is in the PVP arena, when you reach level 700 you can use the /huntbattle command, with which you will be moved to the arena.

To earn Hunt Points you will have to kill some character in the arena, Hunt's theft works as follows.

Each time a player dies in the arena he loses 3% of the total Hunt;
Each time a player leaves the arena he loses 5% of the total Hunt;
Each time you kill a player in battle, you receive 70% of the Hunt lost by him.

This Hunt acquired inside the battle arena will go to the Inactive Hunt, to activate this Hunt you will have to kill mobs on the Hunt maps.

Daily farm limit on the map:
3000 mobs (FREE), 10000 mobs (VIP) and 30000 mobs (HUNT VIP)

When activating Hunt on the maps mentioned above you will be exposed to another player, if you are attacked by a player who has HuntPoint active you will both be moved to the battle arena.

You will have 30 seconds of preparation, during this period the player will be immune to attacks, however if you escape the combat, or disconnect, you will receive the penalty described above.

When walking inside the arena, you will lose immunity and the PVP starts.

Each player will have 50 seconds of PK inside the arena without attacking other players, in case of attack or damage the PK time is restored

The player who escapes from the arena will have the penalty set at 5% of the total hunt, this 5% will be distributed among the players who are inside the arena.

When reaching level 700 all players start with 1000 of hunt, distributed in 8 buffs that are them;
HP Recovery
Critical Damage
Excellent Damage

The amount of Hunt points in each buff will define the strength of your character, so you can create different builds.

In the image below you will notice that the map in question raises the Damage buff, to find out more about which map is giving which buff you can use the /hunt command.

To increase your power just kill mobs on the maps mentioned above.
To increase the percentage of hunts dedicated to a given buff, just kill mobs on the map that is currently related to it.


Posted :   16 / 05 / 2021

Currently this is only one server.