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No lack of spots

Monsters distributed on maps and with super secret spots!

Hunt Season

Awards for the 5 best HuntPoints.

War in Castle

Exclusive Mucastle inter guild event.

Anti-lag System

disable visual effects of the game to make it more optimized.

Valued items

Drop valued and without selling items on the site.

Progressive difficulty

Dynamic EXP suited to the player level

Party with extra experience

Join a party with 5 players and receive extra EXP!



What is it; the Hunting Points ?


É a system that is; enabled only  from level 900 onwards, and upon reaching level the player gains huntpoints status (Defense, Mana, HP, HP Recovery, Damage, Wizardry, Critical Damage, Excellent Damage) which are points that will increase your character's strength or defense according to your build.


OS huntpoints can be obtained in two ways:


Killing monsters on specific maps (Atlans, Tarkan, Aida, Icarus, Kanturu, Kanturu Remain, Karutan 1, Raklion). With daily limit of monsters according to character status (3000 mobs Free, 10000 VIP mobs, and 30,000 CASTLEVIP) mobs.

To find out which map is; receiving the status that youê want, use the command /hunt and watch the TAG "UP", it will indicate will; what status do you have it is currently mining, the statuses change randomly every 12 hours.



 Stealing huntpoints across the battle map. To steal hunting points just kill another player who has at least 100 points (initial score when reaching level 900). This robbery happens when the two fight a battle within the battle map, youê can participate in the battle in two ways:

Causing battle:

Youê can trigger a battle by hitting an opponent with one hit on one of the specific maps of MINERAÇÇÃO (Atlans, Tarkan, Aida, Icarus, Kanturu, Kanturu Remain, Karutan 1, Raklion), with this both characters are moved to the BATTLE and both will have to wait 30 seconds to prepare to start the battle, after this period the players will be released for battle and the winner takes 3% (30% Server Rate) of the dead player's total points, these points are added to your inactive points, and you're inactive. need to activate them by doing the mining again, these points do not add to your daily points.

Moving to the map:

Youê You can also move to the battle map using the /huntbattle command, with that, loaded 3 seconds of preparation and you're ready. will be moved to a random coordinate of the battle map.


Try to bypass the system:

Players who are moved to the battle map and who somehow try to cheat the game system will receive a penalty of 5% of the total points lost automatically if they try to cheat for example by trying to disconnect from In the game, these points will be distributed to all players within the battle map.

Player inactivity:

The player who stays the entire week from Monday until´ Sunday without mining at least 10,000 monsters will be lost; 5% of your total active huntpoints and these points will be inactivated in the character for you. be able to activate later.



The award will be; decided soon after feedback from players, and will be posted later on the event tab on the website in the TOP 5 of the server.

Posted :   16 / 05 / 2021

Currently this is only one server.